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Tiger Controls is excited about offering the HyLite LED Lighting Product line.

HyLite LEDs

HyLite provides a full line of retrofit solutions that will allow you to convert to LED lighting quickly and efficiently.

  • LED Lighting can reduce your electric bill by between 50% and 90%
  • LED tube lights can plug and play directly into existing fluorescent fixtures, no need to change fixtures or remove ballasts.
  • LED tube lights will also work in a ballast by pass mode, so if you want to remove the ballasts from the fluorescent light fixtures as they burn out, you still don’t have to replace the entire fixture.
  • In either application, the LED tube light makes your work place safer by eliminating the danger of shattering fluorescent bulbs and mercury contamination.
  • LED lights offer instant on solid state technology, a major improvement over sodium lights that take 15-30 minutes to turn back on after a power failure.  This greatly reduces your down time.  Again the HyLite retrofit solution allows you to just change the bulb and avoid the expense of replacing the fixture.

HyLite Product catalog

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